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Fix Choppy Scrolling in Firefoxの超訳してみた。

One of my readers - Sammy - sent me an email just a few minutes ago that told me of a problem that several Firefox 3 users were having when scrolling websites with large fixed background images. The scrolling was choppy, example sites where this occurred can be found here, here and here. If you are one of the unfortunate with that issue you can fix it quite easily.

The solution was first posted by Alwyn on Deviant Art. All that needs to be done is to add a line of code to the Firefox userContent.css in the chrome folder. Check the official Mozilla website that explains how to find that folder in various operating systems.

Once located open the file in a text editor and paste the following lines at the end of it. If you do not have a file that is named userContent.css yet but one that is named userContent-example.css remove the -example part of the file first and add the lines afterward. Firefox 3 has to be closed for this.

There is a second solution that might help some: Uninstalling and installing Flash might help as well. Use the official Adobe uninstaller and installer to do that. Make sure Firefox is closed during the uninstallation and installation.

Fix Choppy Scrolling in Firefox


対策はDeviant ArtのAlwyn氏が最初に投稿してくれた。 しなければいけないことは、FirefoxのchromeフォルダにあるuserContent.cssに1行のコードを追加するだけである。Mozillaのウェブサイトを参照すると、様々なOSにおけるchromeフォルダの探し方が載っている。



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