Firefox3で一時的に痕跡を残さずにお忍びのWebブラウズをする-Stealther拡張 - 適宜覚書-Fragments




Stealther for Firefox 3 - Browse without Leaving a Traceを超訳してみた。

Sometimes you may want to browse the internet at office or at home without leaving any trace about any kind of information related to the sites you browsed. For Firefox 3, you can do that by using the addon Stealther.

Stealther temporarily disables all information storing while browsing like, Browsing history, Cookies, Downloaded Files History, Disk Cache, Saved Form Information, Sending of Referrer Header, and recently closed tabs list.

Stealther for Firefox 3 - Browse without Leaving a Trace



The best thing about this add-on is that it just disables from the moment you turn on till you turn off. All the information you had stored before would be still available like frequently visited web sites etc.

Stealther for Firefox 3 - Browse without Leaving a Trace


Also you can customize on what are the different options you want to disable among the ones listed above.

And you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S to turn on and turn off private browsing using Stealther.

Stealther for Firefox 3 - Browse without Leaving a Trace


Stealtherを使ったお忍びブラウジングのオンオフはキーボードショートカットのCtrl + Shift + Sで切り替えて使うことが出来る。

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