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Location Extractor Module(場所情報抜き取りモジュール)



This module examines the input feed, looking for information that indicates a geographic location. If it finds geographic data, the module adds a y:location element to the output feed. This element contains several sub-elements, including:

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Some of the sub-elements above may not be included in the resulting feed - this depends on the amount of information that can be derived from the input feed.

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Location Extractor can glean location data from some URLs, such as those from maps.yahoo.com, maps.google.com, and mapquest.com.

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Location Extractor(場所情報抜き取り)モジュールは、YahooMapsやGoogleMaps、Mapquest.comといったサイトから場所情報を引っ張って収集することが出来る。

A wide range of location mark-up is recognized, including GML (Geography Markup Language), Abbreviated GML, W3C Basic Geo, Abbreviated W3C Basic Geo, Simple GeoRSS, Yahoo! Local format, and KML LookAt and Point tags.

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Location Extractor(場所情報抜き取り)モジュールは、多種多様の場所情報符号(GML(地理符号化言語)、短縮GML,W3C Basic Geo(W3C基礎地理言語)、短縮W3C Basic Geo、Simple GeoRSS(簡易地理RSS)、Yahoo! Local形式、KMLのLookAt要素・Point要素など)を扱うことが出来る。

Additionally, Location Extractor will recognize "lat", "long", "latitude", and "longitude" as attributes.

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更にLocation Extractor(場所情報抜き取り)モジュールは、「lat(itude)(緯度)」「long(itude)(経度)」を属性としても認識することが出来る。

If a y:location element is found in the pipe output, the Pipe Preview feature will optionally display the feed on an interactive map.

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